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How to learn Digital Marketing from online webinars?

How to learn Digital Marketing from online webinars?

Once I attended nearly 8 to 10 webinars in just a span of five days!

The webinars covered various topics in Digital Marketing including facebook ads, messenger chatbots, sales funnels, freelancing, social media marketing tips, etc.

Some of them taught me something new with real valuable stuff, some were just the upsells game!

But the point I am trying to make here is slightly different.
When it comes to learning from a webinar, people usually just signup, login to the meeting room and wait for the speaker to say something magical that will just change their lives.

As a learner in Digital Marketing, you must understand that the content of the webinar you are going to attend is not the only holy grail of knowledge. The real knowledge lies in learning and analyzing the process that brought you there in the first place.

Remember the last webinar you attended and analyze it this way-

  • Which platform did I see the ad for the webinar?
  • What kind of ad copy and ad creative was used, that made me check out what’s inside the ad?
  • Where did I reach after clicking the ad? What was the landing page like?
  • What kind of content, copies, testimonials, graphics, call-to-actions were used on the landing page?
  • What tools and software were used in the entire funnel?
  • What kind of emails did I receive before and after the webinar? What did the email marketing strategy look like?


If you try to just ask these and similar questions while you go through someone’s sales funnel, you will learn a lot.

This does not mean you start your own webinars and replicate them the next day.

  • The point is that the entire process is built out of different core skills of Digital Marketing –
  • Paid Ads creation
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Landing Page creation
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Retargeting Ads, etc.

Once you identify each step, learn and practice on each of the basic skills, you get a wider perspective in your marketing approach while doing the same things in your business.

Now the next time you are shown an ad for a webinar or you plan to attend one, you know what to do!

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