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How to build your own Website?

As for someone who is starting into the field of Digital Marketing, learning how to create a basic WordPress website in one of the first actionable skills you need to master.

You don’t have to be a hardcore programmer or coder, but just familiar with using your computer. Also, you must be able to browse the internet and also a bit creative mind as well.

I too started in this field in the same way. But nowhere could I get a step by step roadmap for building a WordPress site.
Here is one that I have come up with, that can help you. (This is not a ‘How-to’ guide or tutorial. Take it for an Index and go learn each step in detail from Google and Youtube)
Here we go!

1. Domain

Just like every other business in the real world
is given a name, your website needs a name too. Now go and learn from youtube following stuff about domain names-

• What is a domain name? What are the different domain extensions?
• How to select a domain name?
• What is a domain registrar? Top domain name registrars? How to purchase a domain?
• How to connect the domain with hosting? (Keep reading to know about hosting.)

2. Hosting

Once you name and register your business, what do you need next? Office or a working space right? Now you got my point. Hosting is virtual storage that provides space to your website on the internet. Now go and learn these points about hosting –

• What is hosting? Different types of hosting? What are the features of a hosting plan?
• What are the best hosting service providers?
• How to connect the domain you purchased with your hosting?
• What is cPanel? How to install WordPress using cPanel?

As you will learn, you yourself get to know diverse concepts into it.

3. WordPress

In really simple terms, WordPress is a tool that acts as the backend for your website. In technical terms, it is a ‘Content Management System (CMS)’. The name itself says what it does; manages your website content. Go ahead now. Start learning these points-

• What is a CMS? Different types of CMS? Introduction to WordPress.
• Understanding the WordPress dashboard.
• What are the important Wp settings?
• What are posts, pages, categories, menus, etc.? Difference between a Page and a Post?
• How to create a new post, a new page, new categories, etc.? How to create a menu?
• What are the themes and plugins? How to install themes and plugins? (More ahead!)

Make sure you implement each and every step you learn on your own practice website.

4. Themes

Remember the last time you held a newly bought phone. Does the screen look the same as it was then? Probably No! Because you customized its look as you wanted right?

The same is the role of Themes in WordPress. They give your website the required look and feel, and more importantly a structure to your website. A skeleton to your content. Go and do the drill-

• What is a Theme? What are the different types of Wp themes? How to select the right theme?
• How to install a theme on WordPress?
• Different theme options and settings. How to Customize the current theme?
and lots more! Just play around in this part. You will enjoy learning.

5. Plugins

Remember that new phone example? Did you use the default apps or install new ones as per your need? Do the same with your website. Consider plugins as Apps for your website. They increase the functionality of your site.

• What are WordPress plugins? What are the different plugins for WordPress according to their use?
• How to install and activate a plugin?
• What are the common WordPress plugins?
• What are the different free and premium plugins?
• What are the different settings for different plugins?
• Explore plugins for page builder (our final topic!), contact form, SEO, content grammar, site backup, analytics, etc.

6. Page Builder

Sometimes, installing a theme doesn’t serve all our website development themes. We might need to create different pages such as Home, About, Contact, Policy, etc. and it cannot be achieved solely with themes.

That is when you use a ‘Page builder plugin’. The best one out there is ‘Elementor’. Topics to explore-

• What is a page builder? What are top page builder plugins for WordPress?
• How to install Elementor on WordPress?
Watch youtube tutorials for Elementor and you will be able to build beautiful website pages using it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
You will get the real learning once you jump in and start playing the implementation game.

It took me a year and a half to get used to all the knowledge that I got, at least enough to share and help the community.
Hope this guide saves your time!

Just a small request. If you found this article valuable, do share this ahead and help other people get the same value. 🙂

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