Sarang Bhirad

About Me!

Story of how a student of Civil Engineering turned a
Digital Marketing practitioner!

Hi there!

I am Sarang Bhirad; a Digital Marketing practitioner, Social Media Marketing enthusiast and freelancer.

I help business clients grow their business digitally and increase their revenue using different like Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Messenger Chatbot Marketing, Sales Funnels, etc.

My Story

To begin with, I completed my primary education from the city of Akola and then shifted to Mumbai for pursuing my Bachelors in Civil Engineering. 

I didn’t make that decision all by myself but simply falling prey to peer pressure.

It was by the end of my second year, that I realized that Engineering is NOT something I wanted to see myself doing ten years down the line. As a result, I started looking for different career options around me that I would find interest in.

 In this quest, I too, as many others have, ended up doing Multi-Level Marketing (popularly called Network Marketing) for an E-learning company. But eventually, I faced failure there.

Although, joining an MLM organization is what I consider the turning point in my life. This is where I got to learn the ‘E’ of Entrepreneurship, the ‘B’ of Business and the ‘M’ of Marketing. 

This experience helped me come out of the stereotype rat-race society and taught me how to think BIG!

Towards Digital Marketing

It was in the year 2016 when I started searching all over Internet any interesting career option but Engineering; a career where I would get to learn and improve more over my Skills and not just get saturated with Knowledge.

That is when I came to know about different kinds of ways people are earning online. Out of those, Blogging is something that caught my attention since I always had passion in writing and expressing through written words.

I started watching videos, followed Bloggers,participated on Social groups and forums,etc. Having little knowledge about Blogging, I started my first ever Blog as

Obviously this Blog was a free hosted one, and I didn’t make any revenue out of it. But it was a great learning platform for me. I improved various skills of mine like Content Writing, content creation and WordPress website development. 

Networking And Social Presence

Along with my Digital Marketing projects, I also focus on my Social engagement and Networking with different communities within the industry. Not just do I meet new people but every person’s story and their experience is a huge learning for me.

Digital Marketing conferences,DigitMeetups, workshops and exhibitions are the different events I have attended and explored the indsutry from the same. Check out some of the glimpses from my networking experiences below.

DM Conference Mumbai- 2018
CloudBazaar Exhibition by ResellerClub- 2018
DigiMeetup by Indian Digital Club- 2018
LIPSIndia Digital Marketing training program 2018
DigiMeetup by IDC and Freelancer's Academy- 2019

That is pretty much about me! Will keep updating this page the more forward I move in my Digital journey. If you feel I can be of any help to you, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Drop a message on my Contact Page and I shall get back to you soon. Until then, wishing you all the best!

With best regards,